In September 2012 OFSTED announced that the money from the Pupil Premium allocation to schools should be used to fund more effective practices to ensure that achievements of children from socially deprived backgrounds are in line with other children.


At St. Silas, all members of staff and governors accept responsibility for those pupils eligible for Pupil Premium funding and are committed to meeting their pastoral, social and academic needs. Every child is valued, respected and entitled to develop to his/her full potential, irrespective of disadvantage. The school recognises that not all pupils who are eligible for Pupil Premium are underachieving, while some pupils may be underachieving and not eligible for Pupil Premium funding. It is school policy to plan, adapt and prepare for any individual, or group, in which any area of under-performance is evident. The school does not use this policy to displace current strategies to intervene and support its pupils. Some pupils may be achieving well, but will be entitled to funding to enhance their future educational aspirations and achievements.

Pupil Premium funding will be allocated following annual needs analyses which will identify priority needs.


The school uses evidence from research and internal evaluation to ensure that the provision provided for Pupil Premium children is cost effective and accelerates progress to enable all pupil premium children to achieve their aspirational levels.


The Headteacher, or a delegated member of staff, will produce regular reports for the Governors’ curriculum committee on: –

  • the progress made towards narrowing the gap, by year group, for socially disadvantaged pupils
  • an outline of the provision
  • an evaluation of the cost effectiveness, in terms of the progress made by the pupils receiving a particular provision, when compared with other forms of support

The Governors of the school will ensure that there is an annual statement to parents and carers on how the Pupil Premium funding has been used to address the issue of ‘narrowing the gap’, for socially disadvantaged pupils. This statement will be published on the schools website.


In 2018 the school commissioned a Poverty Proving audit.

The following quotes are taken from the report:

The Senior Leadership Team at St. Silas is committed to improving the school experience and raising attainment for all pupils. They have a very
good understanding of their school context and the barriers to learning that pupils at their school face. As a team they have taken a careful
and considered approach to the allocation of Pupil Premium money having first carefully analysed the impact of last year’s spending.

Parents spoke positively about the school- they said:

  • ‘The school is very, very good.’
  • ‘I feel if I needed any support, be it financial or other, I wouldn’t hesitate in contacting the school.’

Pupils spoke positively about their school.

Pupil Premium Documents

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